Kies Uw taal

X 1/9 Parts Holland is actually a runaway hobby and for almost 30 years a "passione"

We want to help X 1/9 friends all over the world with advice and assistence and a reliable high quality spare parts service and stock a collection of very unique and rare X 1/9 parts

It is also our intension to do our very best regarding (re)production of X 1/9 parts that are no longer available

In our program we have also an extensive range of X 1/9 articles and list more than 775 different X 1/9 parts on this Website 

My intensive contacts with Carrozzeria Bertone from 1986 untill now and the extensive network and contacts in Italy give us the possibility to offer you many (also exclusive and special) parts you need for your X 1/9 passion

There are many things I want to share with you now but lets start first with the Website

Reliability, quality and X 1/9 passion are the basis for my work, X 1/9 Parts Holland wants to serve you ..........

Nobody is perfect, we do our very best en please contact us if you have any ideas to improve or change......

Nor is this Pink Panther fellow with his nice Barchetta, he is missing an arm but still happy

I keep you informed about all our (new) X 1/9 parts projects with special offers and news every week

There will also be linked a Facebook site to the Website

As my friends in Italy I want to say to all of you: ci vediamo e ciao

* We speak ENGLISH

* Wir sprechen DEUTSCH


Henk Martens